How Soon Can a Pregnancy Be Detected?

A woman has to make many changes in life when she becomes pregnant. She has to dedicate her time to plan as there are a lot of changes in her mentally and physically.  She has to plan for herself and for the baby. Her maternity dresses and the baby`s immediate needs has to be planned before hand.

Such things can only be planned if ‘How soon can a pregnancy be detected?’

In the past the women would not be aware about their pregnancy as there were no pregnancy test kits. They could guess that they were pregnant only if they missed the period. As there are many reasons for missing the periods this is not reliable. But with the home pregnancy kits there are chances for the woman to know about her pregnancy from four to twenty days. The pregnancy kits show the presence of the HCG hormone in the urine. It is always better to cross check by using two kits. If the tests confirm the results then it will be better to plan for the pregnancy.

If the pregnancy tests are not clear then it is better to see an obstetrician. They will give the correct results without any trial and error methods by using the home pregnancy tests. Not only urine, but blood check- up is also done for confirming pregnancy. If these tests are positive then the woman is surely pregnant. As there are chances of another tissue to produce the HCG hormone it is better to have a blood check-up also.

Form the sixth month there are chances for the woman to start getting aversion with food or certain types of food. Urination may increase, feeling of nausea may start and the size of breast may increase. Some women feel like eating a particular type of food. The feet also may get swollen after one more month.

All such results are the symptoms of pregnancy. Planning can be done comfortably and there is ample time also left. The pregnant has to get ready mentally, emotionally and physically to bring a baby into the world. By the time the baby comes the mother should be fully prepared. The budget also can be planned for post and pre-pregnancy. The baby and mother clothes can be bought beforehand. Some people plan for a renovation of house.

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