33 Weeks Pregnant and Bleeding

It will not be a very good sign to be 33 weeks pregnant and bleeding as it could mean many things. It could be a little bleeding or a lot of bleeding that comes as a gush, but you need to report this to your doctor as soon as possible if you want to get treatment. First of all, you could be experiencing preterm labor if you are bleeding at this stage of your pregnancy. You will know the difference between preterm labor and false labor when you start experiencing a lot of pain that comes with increased intensity and reduced intervals. When you are having the real labor pains, you will know them because you will have a dull ache on your back and you will also not be able to function much when you are experiencing this pain. When it is false labor, you are able to function and move about when feeling the pain. Preterm labor can be caused by a lot of things, including problems with your health in pregnancy. Women who have hypertension, diabetes, and preeclampsia are more likely to have preterm labor than other women. At the same time, women who are not in good mental health and are fragile are more likely to have this pain. There are no hard and fast rules about having preterm labor as you may have it even if your pregnancy didn’t have a lot of problems. External trauma can also cause you to have preterm labor and you must make sure you are in good health and you are taking care of your pregnancy as much as you can to prevent preterm labor.

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