33 Weeks Pregnant and Feeling Awful

If you are 33 weeks pregnant and feeling awful, it could be because you are tired or sick, so you must get your health checked out every time you feel you are not yourself. This is very crucial, because you do not want to harm the health of your baby in the process. You could also be feeling awful because you are always nauseous or you have been vomiting all the time. Some women are known to vomit and feel nauseous all they way through the nine months of their pregnancy and this is normal although it can suck all your energy away and make you feel very awful. You may lose a lot of fluids, so you need to replace it by drinking a lot of water. Your nausea and vomiting could also be because of something you have been eating, or some allergy you may be having, hence the reason it is very important to be on the lookout and get your health checked out as often as you possibly can. You could be feeling awful when you have low blood and this may cause you to feel faint as well. Women who are overworking their bodies or for one reason or the other have low blood levels when they are pregnant will also end up feeling very awful when they are pregnant. Make sure you are eating a lot of foods that have a lot of iron in them, which will ensure that you have replaced your iron. You can also have some supplements to increase your level of iron at the same time. The other reason you could be feeling awful is false labor, which will come in the form of cramps that are very sharp and which can be very painful. You will know the difference between false and true labor from the intensity and the difference in time between them.

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