33 Weeks Pregnant Appendicitis

Appendicitis occurs in pregnant women a lot and it is one of the most common conditions that require surgery among pregnant women. Its harder to know if you have this condition when you are pregnant because you will generally be having other problems with your digestion at the same time. Usually, you will have problems with your abdomen, and you will experience a lot of pain as well. You may have a lot more heartburn and bowel irregularity and diarrhea at the same time. It is very important to get treatment for this condition as it is responsible for maternal mortality. At the same time undergoing the surgical procedure for the removal of the appendix increases the chances of the loss of a pregnancy and also the chances of getting premature labor. It can be hard to diagnose 33 weeks pregnant appendicitis because most of the symptoms that are associated with it are the same as those that are associated with pregnancy. It is even harder to use sonography to detect this in the third trimester because of the displacement of the appendix by the growing uterus. It is recommended that once it has been diagnosed, surgery. It has been known to reduce the pain and will help return the proper function of the bowels. Some concern with this procedure is that they may increase abdominal pressure, but this rarely happens. One of the negative effects includes the increase in the chances that you will have a baby with low birth weight at birth and you will also increase the chances that your baby will die within the first week of birth. When you look at it from both sides, there are risks on both sides and whether or not you choose to have this procedure in pregnancy, you will still be risking some side effects.

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