33 Weeks Pregnant with Bruise Around Belly Button

If you are 33 weeks pregnant with bruise around belly button, here are the possible reasons. Your belly button is especially sensitive when you are pregnant and should be taken care of a lot at this stage. If you have bruised it, you must take care not to perform too much physical activities in your pregnancy, because you could make it works or get a hernia in the long run. The discomfort around your belly button comes about thanks to the stretching of the muscles in the abdominal area. This is normal and you will notice that if you had a belly button that is inside, it will come to the surface of the belly in no time. You will also notice that the area around your belly button will also become darker and you may have some stretch marks in this area as well. You may not notice this change, which is mostly brought about by the enlargement of the uterus to make space for the growing baby who will be growing much more in the coming weeks. You will be even more uncomfortable if you perform physical tasks that exert some pressure on the belly button, you need to reduce these activities to minimal. The soreness will go on until you have delivered your baby. You are more prone to getting a hernia if you have problems with your kidneys or constipation as well. If you have a pierced belly button or you have tattooed the area around it, you will feel a lot more pain. It is recommended that you leave the piercing to after the pregnancy if you are considering it. This is because you risk getting an infection that may lead to an accumulation of pus and even worse issues with your health consideration the fact that you are pregnant. Use some warm compresses around your belly button everyday to reduce the pain around it

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