36 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect – Cramping – Signs of Labour – Ultrasound

Your baby has moved to the upside down position in preparation for birth and you are almost there. You will notice a little more kicking than usual as you are about a month to the end of your pregnancy. Your baby is all set and ready to leave the comfort of the womb and he may come out at any moment; being all chubby and all. He is pressing on your bladder with his weight and he is about 18.5 inches long on average. This is not absolute as there are babies who can be larger than this. Women need to know that what they eat will largely determine how their babies will turn out when they are finally out of the womb.  What this means is that if you eat too much sugar when you are pregnant you may have a baby that is too large to be born in the natural way and this will mean you will have to give birth through caesarian section. The opposite is true for women who eat moderately when they are 36 weeks pregnant.

You will also experience a lot of pressure on your diaphragm and you will feel tired easily. You will need to educate yourself on the symptoms of labor as they could come from this point on. Symptoms of labor could mean anything from contractions to lower back pain depending on how they come about and when they occur.  You will be heavier than before and you will obviously be more tired. You will not be able to perform the physical duties you were used to performing. Get yourself some help and take a lot of rest.

You can exercise, so long as it does not leave you dizzy and lightheaded at the end of the day. Eat well and do not forget your supplements. At this point you baby can see, hear and touch. The fat that will be deposited under his skin will regulate the temperature of his body when he finally comes into the world. He will be able to respond to your voice and and to any other external sound that is around him. He may not respond to anything he has become used to, but you will notice that when a new sound comes into the vicinity he will react to it.

Back to eating well and supplements, a pregnant woman is eating for two. You cannot eat for two in terms of quality alone; you have to think of quantity as well. To avoid under eating or overeating some nutrients at the expense of others you need to use the services of a nutritionist.  He will be able to design for you a meal plan that will help you to eat whatever foods you need in the right amounts. Those that cannot be provided for in the meal plans will be provided by supplements. Do not forget to drink a lot of water for your hydration. Keep away from second hand smoke even if you do not smoke as this will injure your baby’s health.

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