Are Itchy Nipples A Sign Of Pregnancy

You may have itchy nipples when you are pregnant; this is not a universal sign of pregnancy. Some women have itchy nipples and others will not have them. Also those who have had itchy nipples may not have them in subsequent pregnancies. There is also no way of determining if this is the absolute sign of pregnancy in those women who have them-truly, this is just a matter of knowing your body and deciding for yourself. Women who are not pregnant have itchy nipples when they have PMS, right before they have their menses and this is the same itchiness they may feel when they become pregnant. It could be anything, not necessarily itchiness that is associated with pregnancy. Usually, it is always good to determine if this is accompanied by several other symptoms of pregnancy like tiredness and breast tenderness. If you are no longer having your regular periods, you may want to test that you are pregnant. So the answer to the above is that having itchy nipples is not an absolute sign that you are pregnant, even in those women who have itchy nipples when they are pregnant. It is always good to ensure that the accompanying symptoms of pregnancy are there too.

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