Cause Of Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

The human body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. There are various physiological changes occurring in the body. There are several hormonal changes too. These changes are often a cause of concern for the first time mothers. Every pregnancy is unique. It is not necessary that in case you have had an uneventful pregnancy the first time, you will not suffer from the usual signs and symptoms the second time and vice versa. Therefore limiting pregnancy anxiety to first time mothers is also wrong. However it is always advisable that the would be mother seeks answers to all questions that hound her from her practitioner during the regular visits. Talking to other pregnant ladies going through the same signs or symptoms or those who have had a similar pregnancy history before also helps. Most of these are normal changes that the body undergoes and one need not be worried about them. One of these is the acid reflux during pregnancy.

Acid reflux is a medical condition characterized by increased gastric secretion. This is generally post meals. It manifests as burning sensation in sub sterna and epigastric area. It might be associated with belching. The symptoms increase especially when you tend to lie down immediately post intake of food. In pregnancy the post esophageal sphincter gets relaxed due to the hormonal changes and therefore the food tends to regurgitate. It is a normal phenomenon but can cause great discomfort and can be a reason for many pregnant women to get anxious.

Acid reflux occurs also because the digestion becomes sluggish, the baby in the womb is growing leaving lesser space. The baby is also somehow pushing the stomach.

Before we start talking about the treatment, it is important to again stress on the fact that no medication should ever be taken without the consent of the physician. Also that the physician should be aware that you are pregnant. Once the physician has been consulted some over the counter drugs can give relief. Some over the counter drugs that work by controlling the quantity of acid in the stomach also help cure symptoms of acid reflux during pregnancy. Some people also believe in intake of peppermint to soothe the burning sensation, it is for them to know that though the burning sensation might feel better but the peppermint relaxes the esophageal sphincter. This dilatation as it is the main culprit that results in backflush of the food resulting in an acid reflux. So ideally peppermint is not actually curing the acid reflex at all. One should also avoid lying down immediately after a meal and take short walks to aid digestion, to get rid of acid reflux during pregnancy.

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