Cramping At 5 Weeks Pregnant

Mild cramping is common during early pregnancy especially between the 5th and the 6th weeks of pregnancy. This is credited to several factors some of which are nothing to worry about while the others are more serious and will require the intervention of a doctor or a health professional.

Harmless causes

Cramping at 5 weeks pregnant can be as a result of implantation. It has been proven that women who ovulate later from the last menstrual flow will experience cramping as the embryo implants. Even though this kind of cramping is quite mild and could be accompanied by slight spotting, it is nothing to worry about and should last on a couple of days. It s the most common kind of cramping most women will experience in early pregnancy.

Uterine stretching is another harmless cause of cramping during the 5th week of pregnancy. It is important to remember that the uterus is actually a muscle and tends to stretch during the early stages of the pregnancy. This is because even though the baby is still tiny, it is developing in size hence stretching which is absolutely normal. The expansion of the uterus however could cause cramping but the situation will eventually improve with time.

Gas pains and constipation are other causes of cramping but are usually overlooked as causes of cramping during the 5th week and they are completely harmless. Increased gas in the body is expected during pregnancy as a result of hormones slowing the digestion process and also as a result of the slowly expanding uterus thus having an effect on your digestive tract. The same goes for constipation and in most cases will result into cramping. They are however nothing to worry about especially during early pregnancy since they are common symptoms.

Serious causes

Unfortunately, cramping at 5 weeks pregnant can also be as a result of causes which are more serious in nature. They include ectopic pregnancy. This is a pregnancy resulting from the embryo implanting on the outer part of the uterus. This would normally be in fallopian tubes but it can also occur in other parts of the body such as the cervix, ovary and sometimes the abdominal cavity. This causes mild cramping and makes it hard for the baby to survive hence in most cases such a pregnancy will have to be terminated.

Miscarriage is another cause for cramping during this stage in pregnancy. It will however begin with bleeding then the cramping and this could go on for several days. There are various reasons as to why a pregnancy can end in a miscarriage with most being uncontrollable. The cramps in this case can be dull or sharp but persistent and definitely accompanied by the bleeding.

In any case, cramping that goes on for days and is accompanied by bleeding, pain on one side of the pelvis and is unbearable should not be ignored. It could be an indication of something serious and hence the need to seek medical advice and treatment as soon as it is possible.


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