Cramping At 7 Weeks Pregnant

Cramping at any stage of pregnancy can be frightening for pregnant women. Whereas the cramping is a sign that something is not as it should be, at times it is a result of changes that the body is going through during this period. It is however important for women to know all the danger signs of cramping so that they can seek medical assistance as soon as such signs show up.

The cramping at 7 weeks pregnant most women will experience can be as a result of the stretching uterus. The stretching of the uterus to accommodate the growing baby will leave you with mild cramps. It is the uterus supporting ligaments which expand to create the needed space thus giving you the cramps. This is natural and normal and your baby is not in any danger. Another simple reason as to why the cramps could be present during this week of pregnancy is gas accumulation.

The digestion and absorption processes have slowed down during pregnancy and this leads to accumulated gases resulting into the cramps. The accumulation together with constipation can lead to the mild cramps but they should disappear as soon as you are in a better position. Taking enough water, fluids and eating a well balanced diet can help in keeping these kinds of cramps at bay. You also might find it helpful to keep away from foods which are known to cause gassy issues.

The more serious causes of cramping at 7 weeks pregnant include ectopic pregnancy. This is a condition that is serious since the embryo has implanted on the wrong area. In most cases it will be outside the uterus and within the fallopian tubes an area that it cannot survive on. The cramping caused by an ectopic pregnancy will usually be on one side of the abdomen and will cause lots of tenderness and abdominal pains. It is a sad situation where termination of the pregnancy is necessary.

Miscarriage is also a serious cause of the cramping during this week. The cramping coming with this condition will be at the center of the lower abdomen and also causes spotting. It is actually common for women suffering a miscarriage to see tissue in the blood or tissues. A miscarriage taking place without any kind of trigger only means that the pregnancy was unhealthy and the embryo died and therefore has to come out. Counseling after a miscarriage can be helpful for women as this is a situation that can be devastating.

Even though you wish that the cramping you are experiencing during this week is not as a result of anything serious, make sure that you take note of any other symptoms coming with the cramping. The warning signs of cramping clearly showing that something is wrong includes unusual amounts of vaginal discharge, increasing amounts of spotting or bleeding, burning sensation during urination, chills and fever and also vomiting. Let your doctor run the ideal tests to identify where the problem is and what it is all about.

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