Discharge During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Discharge is a common thing among women and not necessarily pregnant women. However, discharge during pregnancy third trimester is usually not dangerous. After conception, a woman’s body undergoes so many changes and at times, it is hard to keep up with them. Many are the times when you will feel bloated. Your breasts may become more tender and you may even notice excessive discharge. As stated earlier, discharge may not be dangerous but at times, it is inconvenient.

Causes of the discharge

As you now know, changes are happening and as your waistline enlarge and changes in hormone takes place, blood flow to the area around the birth canal leading to an increase in discharge that is known as leucorrhea. This discharge is usually odorless and it is fairly normal. This is your body`s way of protecting itself through flashing out bacteria that are harmful to your and the baby you are expecting.

For you to ease discomfort that is brought about by too much discharge, you can try wearing a panty liner that can absorb the discharge and leave you dry. You can also consider using the maxi pads as they help to minimize the wetness. Do not try to douche at any moment while pregnant. Douching does not help in getting rid of the discharge and it may give bacterias a way through to your uterus, so for your safety and that of your baby always keep this at the back of your mind.

Towards the last stage or the third trimester of your pregnancy, the amount of discharge increases and if you are keen, you notice the consistency too goes high. At the early pregnancy the discharge that you use to see as thin, may start getting thicker and at some special cases tinted with blood. The thicker discharge is known as the mucus plug. When your body begins expelling this one, it is a clear indication that sooner than you know, you will be holding your baby in your arms or you will be going to labor.

At times, Discharge during pregnancy third trimester may indicate that you are in danger and should seek medical attention immediately. In some exceptional cases, this is an earlier warning of infection or even a problem with the pregnancy. Common problems may include bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection or a sexual transmitted disease. You do not want to take chances as in most cases involving some problems there are always preventive measures that a professional doctor or midwife can apply to solve the issue. The doctor will even come with the best measure that will protect your baby from getting the infection from you.

At any particular time that you experience abnormal discharge during pregnancy third trimester or at any other time, it is highly advisable for you to consult your doctor or midwife for professional guidance and assistance. It is the job of the health providers to offer you with medical help at anytime you may feel that you are not safe with your pregnancy. You have to be sure at all times that, your pregnancy is normal and have no problems.

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