Green Earth Baby Trekker, Deluxe 5 Position Carrier Review

I have a carrier that I am currently using but when I had to wash it, I needed to buy a new one as an alternative. I just bought a new carrier of different brand and style, this time I bought Green Earth baby Trekker – Deluxe 5 Position Carrier. I have to say that I prefer using my Green Earth Baby Trekker than the older baby carrier that I have because the carrier doesn’t hurt my back when carrying my child for a long period.
Green Earth BabyTrekker Green Earth Baby Trekker, Deluxe 5 Position Carrier Review
When I bought the Green Earth baby Trekker, it made washing the carrier easier because it has a detachable bib which I can wash whenever my baby spits up or when it get s a little dirty. Now I can wash the carrier and be able to use it again soon enough because the whole carrier need not to be washed. Although I would still suggest wiping the carrier to make sure that your baby is safe from dirt, we mothers can never be sure when it comes to the health of our babies.

Here are some nice features about the products that are good to go and might help you decide whether to buy it or not (although I suggest you do):

  • · Includes bib and chest straps (bib can be separated from the carrier)
  • · Materials used for the carrier were made with pesticide free organic cotton.
  • · Redefines your baby wearing experience with five comfortable wearing positions
  • · Regular-4’5″ to 6’5″ and 75 lbs. to 230 lbs. up to 48″ waist size
  • · Large-up to 60″ inch waist size
  • · Includes a convenient front pocket

One of my favorite features of the Green Earth babyTrekker is the front pocket which is also reversible. There are times when I need to grab something of hold on to small things and carry my little one at the same time, that’s the time I use the front pocket. It is very accessible, not at all hard to reach and can consume enough things without changing reducing the comfort felt by my child.

I am always secured with the straps. Looking how it was attached and sewn to the carrier, I am quite secured and worry free that it might detach or loosen up with one big movement from me or my baby.

Also, gaining or losing weight is just fine because the carrier can take up to 48” inches of waist line. It just adjusts to your needs so no worries at all, just are with your little one and enjoy the ride.
baby product deals Green Earth Baby Trekker, Deluxe 5 Position Carrier Review

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