How Far Along Am I Pregnancy Calculator

Women once they get pregnant they start to wonder when exactly they got pregnant. Knowing how far along you are in your pregnancy can help you to determine when your due date is. Most women do not know how to tell how far their pregnancies have gone. They let the doctors decide that. What they dont know is that, they can calculate the due date by themselves as long as they understand their menstrual cycles very well. If they experience a regular cycle then the work becomes easier for them or the doctors.

Do you want to know when you got pregnant? Then you should try the pregnancy calculator. A pregnancy calculator is able to determine when exactly you got pregnant. The numbers are done by estimation. The pregnancy calculator works in such a way that you insert the dates of your last menstrual cycle, the ovulation dates and it will give you an estimate as to when you could have possibly become pregnant. From this you can determine when you are due. You should note that even doctors do not know for a fact when you got pregnant, everything is done by estimation. The more accurately you can remember the date of last your menstrual cycle, the better the estimation.

Finding out when exactly you got pregnant can be a daunting task. Most doctors and mid wives start the pregnancy calculations from the first day of your last menstrual cycle. This is not the day you got pregnant but they use this to estimate how far you are in your pregnancy.

The first day of your last menstrual cycle is estimated to be about two weeks before ovulation and implantation. Doctors count from the last menstrual cycle because most women do not know when they ovulated but they can tell you the last time they had their menstrual cycle. The doctor counts 280days from the first day of your last monthly period to know your due date. That will be exactly 40 weeks but you should note that only a small percentage of children are born on their due date.

Every pregnancy has three trimesters, each trimester lasts about 3months. Most doctors calculate using the weeks as they are more accurate if you factor in both the normal years and leap years. The first trimester lasts for approximately 10-12 weeks. This is when the body undergoes several changes at once. The hormones are usually unbalanced but as the pregnancy progresses the hormones become stable.

The second trimester is between the 13th weeks up to the 25th. Here the body has already adjusted to the changes. No major changes apart from increase in weight are noted at this time. The third trimester is most trying time in a woman. It is the last leg of her pregnancy and comes with a lot of exhaustion. Most doctors recommend complete rest during this time. It is advisable for a pregnant woman to follow the doctors instructions to the latter to ensure that her pregnancy will be healthy all through.

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