How Many Weeks Am I Pregnant Based on Due Date

Am I pregnant? If yes, how many weeks am I pregnant? These are very common questions that many pregnant women tend to ask themselves when they notice signs related to pregnancy. When one is asking themselves such questions, there are high chances that they might be pregnant and a lot need to be done. It implies that one is suspecting themselves to be pregnant and have not seen the doctor or taken any pregnancy test to confirm the situation. One should first counter check their body to be able to rule out sickness for their pregnancy-like feeling.

The next step that the woman should take is booking an appointment with a doctor. The doctor will carry out a pregnancy test to tell whether one is pregnant or not. Usually taking a test is the best way to be sure of the pregnancy. When one is assured of the pregnancy, they need to plan themselves properly to be able to take required food and fluids to sustain the growing baby. Taking enough folic helps maintain the placenta attachment to the uterine wall. The visit to the doctor should always be the number one option on suspecting of any pregnancy. Doctors offer a hundred percent clearing of any doubt that the pregnant woman might have concerning her general body feeling.

The next action that a suspecting mother should take is talking to the spouse. Pregnancy is one of the major states that test the commitment of both parties to the relationship. Therefore, the pregnant woman should talk to the father-to-be of the child. This help the couple to forge on the way forward concerning the pregnancy. They can either opt for adoption or even abortion of the pregnancy. During this time an open conversation should be initiated to be able to look in depth on the issues in all perspectives.

The other person one can turn to when faced with questions is ones mentor or counselor. They help one know how they would react if they were in the same given situation and the best possible way forward. Talking to such people gives one the courage to confront the situation without any fear and will enable one make an informed decision. How many weeks am I pregnant? This is a question that ought to be taken with a lot of seriousness. With another life at stake, one needs to evaluate and re-evaluate their values and the decisions in life. The question needs to be tackled with a lot of keenness by all individuals when at any time it faces them.

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