How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally by Eating Certain Foods

Pregnancy is usually received with much joy by women who are anticipating conceiving. However, in some women the pregnancy is not properly received. This is usually when the woman is not ready for the motherhood. In the market, there are so many contraceptives available to avoid the pregnancy in women. The contraceptives are usually readily available and have proved to be effective in preventing pregnancy. The choice to use the contraceptives in preventing pregnancy is usually personal. The contraceptives however come with a price of having numerous side effects. This has led to many people asking of how to avoid pregnancy naturally. There are various methods that one can use to avoid pregnancy naturally, but use of food is the simplest to use.

The foods taken to avoid pregnancy naturally are very safe to use at any given time. Papaya is one of the commonly used fruit as a contraceptive. The fruit produces papain enzyme which interacts with estrogen and progesterone in the body. They usually produce a contraceptive naturally. The contraceptive can be used in both men and women in the prevention of the pregnancy. When a pregnant woman takes a fairly large amount of the fruit when pregnant they are likely to miscarry. One should take at least a table spoon of the papaya seed for it to function effectively.

The other food product that has proved to be very effective as a contraceptive is sunflower seeds. The seeds of sunflower have been proved to have contraceptive and abortive effect when taken by women in large amount. Therefore when one wants to avoid pregnancy, they can make use of the seeds as contraceptive. When taken after the sexual intercourse it offers wonderful results. Garlic is also known to offer a contraceptive effect. When a cutting of the garlic and few pieces of sunflower seeds are taken before sexual intercourse, they work perfect in killing sperms hence offering contraceptive effect.

All the above are medicinal food that can help one to effectively prevent pregnancy naturally. With the food products being readily available one need not to ask of ways on how to avoid pregnancy naturally. This is because they can be taken by any individual and offers no serious side effects. The taking of the natural foods to avoid pregnancy are way much safer than having abortion after conception. It is however advisable not to have too much of the contraceptive foods as it might lower ones fertility potential making one infertile.

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