How To End Pregnancy At Home

Pregnancy can be ended at home, only when the pregnancy is still in its very early stages. Do not make the mistake of involving any physical activity on your body as this may lead to disastrous consequences. Usually, nothing can be done at home on the fetus after the first trimester and you still need to visit a doctor for any abortion you want at this time. Either way, you need to have the advice of a medical professional as any ending of pregnancy at home will involve the use of medication that will have to be dispensed only by a professional. The most popular medicine that is used for the ending of pregnancy is referred to as mifepristone, which reduces the amount of hormones that are needed for the life of the pregnancy. When this happens, the baby will not have the needed nutrients to support his life and it will automatically die and you will feel the same symptoms of miscarriage after using this medication you will use another called misoprostol, which literally dries the uterus to ensure that there are no negative side effects. You will need to keep up with your gynecologist incase you experience too much bleeding.

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