How To Make A Homemade Pregnancy Test

You can make a homemade pregnancy test if you cannot afford to buy one. This will ease the process of finding out of you are pregnant or not. It matters a lot when you take the pregnancy test. It should be done a week or so after unprotected sex. There are varieties of home made pregnancy tests, some which are more efficient than others. One of the most interesting ways of knowing that you are pregnant without the use of a pregnancy kit from your pharmacy is using bleach. Most homes use bleach on their clothes and you are sure to find this in an average hoe. You will have to pee in a container and have this mixed with bleach. Look out for frothing, since a lot of it will indicate that conception may have occurred. This will be the indication that the human chronionic gonadotrophin hormone is present in your body. The use of dandelion leaves is one way of testing for pregnancy. pick some of them and place them on a plastic paper in a shade and pour the urine over them. Do not let the urine run over them and let it soak for about ten minutes. Any small red blisters on the leaves will confirm pregnancy.

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