How to Tell if You are Pregnant without a Test

Most women who want to conceive usually wonder how to tell if you are pregnant without test. Pregnant women receives a lot of information concerning what to expect and how they should carry themselves during pregnancy.The information can sometimes be overwhelming and leaves the pregnant woman confused on what to do during the period. In most cases, women perceive missed periods as one of the earliest sign of pregnancy. However, this is usually not the case. Missed menstrual periods can be caused by other factors other than pregnancy. Sickness, change of diets can cause changes in the menstrual cycle. This means that for a woman to get to know they are pregnant, missed periods should not be a determining factor.

One of the major early signs that tell if one is pregnant is changes in the breasts. The breasts of a pregnant woman tend to be tender and sensitive to touch than normal. This is usually as a result of the mammary glands trying to prepare for lactation. The woman may also start having craving for certain types of foods and have aversion to others. When a woman is pregnant, they may tend to have mood swings. This is caused by the various hormonal changes in the body.

During fertilization, only one ova and sperm is used. The unfertilized ova and sperms are later removed as waste. They may cause spotting in the early periods of pregnancy. When implanting itself on the uterus, the fetus usually burrows to be able to attach. This may cause bleeding and spotting during pregnancy. On noticing of the light spotting by the woman who had sexual intercourse before, a pregnancy test can be taken to ascertain the pregnancy. The spotting should only be realized in the first trimester of pregnancy. If bleeding and spotting proceeds to the second and third trimester one should consult a doctor as it can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy or early warning of miscarriage.

Presence of gas in the stomach can also be a sign of pregnancy before test. This is usually because the hormonal changes within the woman usually lower digestion process and chemical reactions in the stomach which can result to increased gas. Feeling of nauseated and frequent vomiting can be early signs of pregnancy. This is usually known as morning sickness. The pregnant woman may also tend to feel abnormally tired and sleepy. Proper rest should be taken during this time. Understanding how to tell if you are pregnant without test is very important as it helps one make adequate preparations for the pregnancy.

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