Loss of Appetite at 8 Weeks Pregnant

If you’re pregnant remember that you will go through some changes, especially your body. In the first trimester of the pregnancy you will feel a loss of appetite, and at the end of the second trimester you will feel hunger symptoms. Those symptoms are normal and every woman is getting through them. The reason why you will lose your appetite for food at 8 weeks is because your body is getting through some changes. First of all, the hormonal changes, such as the progesterone are producing the loss of appetite.

The increased production of progesterone is slowing down your digestive process, which means that you wont feel the necessity of eating. However, try to eat something because the baby needs to develop and grow, otherwise, you will lose the baby.

Be careful on the first trimester of your pregnancy, because you will have nausea sensations. That’s another reason why you will feel appetite loss, and if you eat something you might have the chance to vomit it up. If you don’t want to go through this, you should eat some vegetables and fruits. You have fewer chances to vomit fruits but you cant grow your baby with fruits only. Try to eat normal food, especially meat, but don’t eat too much, and if you feel sick its recommended to stop eating. Also, the liquids are very helpful in the first trimester of the pregnancy.

If you have problems with your stomach and you cant eat anything because of the nausea you should visit a doctor, although the pills are not recommended during the pregnancy period. If you cant eat anything you have high chances to lose the baby, which is very bad for your whole body and also you can get the amenorrhea disease.

You need to be strong during the first trimester of the pregnancy and although you lose weight you will gain it back on the second and third trimester because the loss of appetite will fade away and the hunger will appear, because the baby will be completed grown and all you have to do is to feed him. You should avoid eating too much, because gaining on weight can be harmful for your baby. If you follow a balanced diet and you try to eat when you don’t feel to and also if you control yourself when you’re hungry you will get birth to a healthily baby and you wont have any complications during the pregnancy period.

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