Reasons Why Men Cheat during Pregnancy

According to marriage counselors across the globe, the percentage of men who cheat on their partners outweighs that of women who do the same. Cheating incidents for the men are particularly high when their partners become pregnant. This sorry state can be attributed to several factors.

Lack of intimacy – In a number of surveys conducted, most men report of not having satisfactory intimacy once their partners fall pregnant, forcing them to look elsewhere for that satisfaction. It is a reality that women go through a lot once they become pregnant. What each of these women would need most at this time when they are pregnant is for their partners to know and understand the bodily and emotional changes they go through instead of straying. While most men surveyed actually showed a lack of knowledge on what their partners go through when they are pregnant, some showed a complete lack of interest in knowing what usually goes on. Some of the major reasons given by men on why they cheat on their pregnant partners include;

Loss of physical attraction – From survey results, most men who cheated on their pregnant partners indicated that they cheated because their partners no longer had the physical attraction that normally made them have the desire to be intimate with them. It is a fact that pregnancy not only causes emotional changes but physical changes as well. Men seriously need to appreciate the physical changes that their pregnant partners experience and help them when necessary rather than resort to cheating, which can seriously affect their relationship.

Cheating companions – According to surveys conducted, a good number of men who cheat on their pregnant partners were found to have friends or companions who also cheat. Interestingly, the survey also showed that such men were found to cheat even when their partners were not pregnant. This is the group of men who mainly indulge in intimate relationships with their colleagues and to a certain extent, their female family friends.

Disease/illness – Conceiving certainly brings with it a myriad of problems. Some of these problems may include a number of diseases which are mainly manageable, although they can sometimes be overwhelming for some women. Some women are seriously affected by symptoms of illnesses to a point that they cannot be intimate with their male partners. They may also be incapable of performing their daily tasks, however light such may be. This easily drives most “weak” men to cheat.

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