Reasons Why Water Breaks In Pregnancy

Water usually breaks during pregnancy when it is time for a pregnant woman to give birth. The main reason why water breaks in pregnancy is usually when it is time for the mother to give birth. The water can break as early as in the 37th week and it can also break as late as when the woman is in week 42. Most women are not aware what happens inside their bodies when the water breaks. The amniotic sac is the one that breaks and the amniotic fluid is the fluid that normally comes out gushing when women say that their water has broken.

Most researchers say that the water breaks when it gets signals from the brain. The brain usually signals the body and causes the water to break. Not all women experience water breaking during pregnancy. For those who experience it, the water usually breaks about 12 to 24 hours before the baby is due. The body usually continues to produce amniotic fluid that is enough to suffice the baby until birth. Women who do not get in to labor after 24 hours usually have the labor and the contractions induced so that they can give birth.

Women who do not get labor pains after their water breaks should use maxi pads to retain the fluid. They should ensure that they do not use tampons because hey may pass infections to the baby. Then amniotic fluid is usually clear. Women should therefore ensure that they call their doctors if the fluid that comes out is colored because this might signify a complication with the pregnancy. Women should be very careful not o insert anything into their genitalia or have sexual intercourse because this might lead to them or their babies getting infections.

There are times when water breaks before 37 weeks. Sometimes the water can break even as early as three weeks before the baby is due. Doctors are not exactly sure what causes this but some researchers say that it is a way of the body preparing for the coming of the baby. Some researchers say that women who go to the washroom frequently in the last days before they are due usually do this because their water has broken and they need to relieve themselves. It is very important for women to be very careful once their water breaks because anything can happen at this point. They should ensure that they do not come in to contact with anything that can cause harm or infection to the baby.

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