Reasons Why Women Lie About Their Pregnancy

It is true that most women lie about their pregnancy. They like hiding it for some time before they tell the truth. They may denounce the rumors spreading around about their current status. They may seem not to know that they are pregnant but they know very well. This is because they tend to think that they are taking their pregnancy seriously and they only say out when they are about three months pregnant. They take this long time not to jinx things in their pregnancy. It is their baby that matters most not about the announcement of being pregnant. When dating girls, they may lie that they are pregnant.

They usually use this approach to manipulate their boyfriends. They end up stealing thousands of dollars from the guys leaving them traumatized. They do this because they have only one intention traumatizing. After some time, they come up claiming they lost the pregnancy. Women fear telling their husbands that they are pregnant, they have had a miscarriage or they have a still birth. It is said that a number of those who keep this secret have a mental problem that needs a counselor or immediate medical attention. A number of women who experience still births fear telling their husbands about their condition because they may get divorced.

A man is thought of being capable of raising a family and if he marries a woman who does not bear him children, it can be a great shame. Through this fear, a woman can keep on giving excuses of not conceiving. She may try all ways possible to convince her husband about the issue of getting children. They fear losing their self esteem. They consider that if their husbands realize about their condition, they may be scorned abused and beaten. Being abandoned is very serious to ones life.

When a girl is having an affair with a man whom they are not married to and realize they are pregnant, they may keep this for a while to weigh on the benefits of saying the truth. A number of men who have their families and having affairs outside marriage never want to hear that the girl is pregnant. Immediately they hear of that, they think of abandoning the girl. They force them for an abortion without caring the lives of the young ladies. Others have low self esteem. They do not trust that they are pregnant hence lie until they labor.

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