The Reason Why My Stomach Hurts During Pregnancy

After conception, there are various changes that occur in the bodies of women and the changes bring symptoms. The body starts changing and it becomes very hyperactive because of the effects that are brought about by hormones. There are symptoms of pregnancy that are felt starting from morning sicknesses to other kinds of feelings that can happen to the bodies of women. Some women ask why my stomach hurts during pregnancy. The symptoms are brought about by the changes that the bodies undergo when hormones start working to prepare it for development of the baby. There are various reasons that make the stomach to develop complications such as bloating and hardening. There are also other symptoms that are experienced by pregnant women other than hurting in the abdomen.

The pain can be caused by an ectopic pregnancy. This is whereby the fetus is implanted in the fallopian tubes instead of being implanted in the uterus. It is painful and it is also fatal because if the fetus continues to grow there, it grows and presses against the walls of the oviduct until they burst. When they burst, they cause intense pain to the pregnant woman together with internal bleeding which can even cause death. Those who do not know the symptoms can ask why my stomach hurts during pregnancy.

Miscarriage is another cause of pains during pregnancy. If a pregnant woman miscarries, there is a lot of pain that is felt when the baby is being miscarried because the zygote gets expelled from the body together with a lot of blood. A lot of pain is felt because the pregnant woman as the premature fetus is being discharged from the body. Miscarriage is among the reasons why my stomach hurts during pregnancy. There are other things that you can observe as you feel the pain such as discharges from the birth canal.

You can notice that as you feel the pain, it comes together with discharges that are bloody or watery. There can be complications that you feel when you are pregnant and it has a lot of effects to the body. It can be preterm labor that happens a long time before the actual time when you are supposed to deliver. This is why my stomach hurts during pregnancy alongside other reasons that can be experienced. This comes a long time earlier than the time when you are supposed to have the contractions to usher in delivery of the baby. Other complications can be a cause of stomach pains when you are pregnant.

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