What Are The Causes Of One Foot Swollen During Pregnancy?

During maternity the system produces almost 50% more blood and liquid, so that it can become eligible to provide proper growth to fetus. The main reason of one foot swollen during pregnancy is additional blood and liquid produced by the body system. The liquid that is obtained, is retained by the system, which is needed to soften the body in order to help the system during growth of unborn baby. This liquid is also needed for the pelvic joint parts and cells. It allows the pelvic joint parts and cells to open up during childbirth. Of the total excess bodyweight during maternity, 25% is due to this liquid.

Some of the aspects which cause swelling are mentioned below:

Standing for long periods at a stretch, is one of the main reason of swelling in one foot during maternity.
Inadequate intake of potassium and High intake of sodium in the diet can lead to swelling.

High level of level of caffeine also results in swelling.
Heat in summers is another reason of inflammation during maternity.

Long time working is another reason of swelling.

How to Reduce Inflammation in Feet During maternity?

Several herbal solutions are available to reduce the one foot swelling during maternity. Simultaneously, several advices need to be followed during pregnancy, they can help to give birth to a healthy baby. Some of the solutions…

The foremost and first change is to prevent status for lengthy periods. Remember it is you who is taking your bodyweight and also the bodyweight of the unborn infant, which is developing in your womb. So you also need to relax.
When you are relaxing or when you sleep, relax your legs on an incline, by taking pillow, to make a proper blood circulation. You can lay down with your legs.

If you have a sitting job, then make your leg relax. The leg relax will help in decreasing the swelling of you.
It is not recommended to use great heel shoes during pregnancy. The great heel shoes may become reason of feet swelling.

You must increase drink water in large quantity.
During the summer months prevent hanging out outdoors.
avoid wearing tight at the wrists clothes.

Use elastic water hose, which can provide relax to you legs. It is not recommended to use nylon water hose.
If you want to do exercises then you should take care some point before choosing the right exercises. You can go diving or you can relax in the share.

I hope this article will help you to know get rid from swelling during pregnancy. I have mentioned all the reason of swelling in the above paragraphs you can take help from them to stay far from swelling during pregnancy. All the best for your pregnancy!

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