What Causes Low HCG Levels in Early Pregnancy

Many women might be not being conversant with what HCG levels refer to. They are levels of a hormone that is found in pregnant women’s bodies due to the reaction of the body regarding the preparation to carry the baby who is in the uterus. Low HCG levels in early pregnancy are usually corrected by the body where the levels are raised twice the amount in forty eight to seventy two hours. The levels that are not up to the required amount can be problematic.

How can the pregnancy be detected soonest is the burning question that disturbs most women who are new to the pregnancy. Low HCG levels cannot be used to determine whether a woman is pregnant or not. The levels that are below five ml of HCG are considered to tell that a woman is not pregnant. Most women come to learn that they are pregnant after missing their periods. However, they can even mistaken the implantation bleeding for menstruation hence they still believe that they are not pregnant. The HCG levels are an abbreviation of human chorionic gonadotropin which is a hormone that is produced by the body of a woman who is pregnant together with other hormones like progesterone.

It is produced by the placenta week after the other one and hence the rapid increase in amount of up to a hundred thousand and above. Starting from the first day of pregnancy up to the twelfth week, the levels of HCG keep on rising so that they and reach the required level. After the twelfth week, that is when they start to stabilize or even they start to drop in their levels. The levels that are below twenty five ml are not clear whether a woman is actually pregnant or not. The levels that can e used to tell that a woman is pregnant, are those tat are beyond twenty five ml and above. The levels that in between five and twenty five require a constant check up to confirm whether pregnancy has been conceived or not.

Low HCG levels in early pregnancy increase rapidly to reach the levels that can give the fetus a conducive environment for development and growth. For instance, after ten weeks the levels usually reach six thousand ml and after then the multiplication of the number becomes so slow or even the level may start dropping. Eventually, after three month in pregnancy the levels continues t slow further in a manner that reaching a stable constant level is not usually reached and on the contrary, the decrease is usually the result. If you want to know about your progress in pregnancy, the best thing that you can do to ensure that the level is okay is to visit a physician so that your blood sample can be taken as a specimen and tested concerning the HCG levels. It is usually advisable to confirm whenever you doubt whether you are pregnant or not, by going for a HCG level testing to find out.

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