What Does A Tubal Pregnancy Feel Like?

Pregnant women or those intending to become pregnant soon find themselves asking; what does a tubal pregnancy feel like? This is a common question among women, especially those who have complications when they get pregnant. You do not need to worry because cases of tubal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy in the scientific term are very rare. It is estimated that out of ten women, one may have ectopic pregnancy. The tubal pregnancy is a condition where the egg is fertilized away from the uterine wall. This may be anywhere else but not in the lining of the uterus.

The ectopic pregnancy gains the name tubal pregnancy due to its occurrence in the fallopian tube in most scenarios. In some cases, the tubal pregnancy occurred in the abdominal cavity, ovary or the cervix. It is very hard to diagnose and tell of an ectopic pregnancy, especially at early stages of the pregnancy. This is because tubal pregnancies are very similar to normal pregnancy, in other words, the symptoms are so much alike and in some pregnant women, there are no symptoms at all.

When tubal pregnancy occurs, there is no room for attachment of the placenta and the growth of the pregnancy. If left untreated for sometimes, an ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tube leads to the rapture of it. There is no need to mention that the results from a ruptured tube are life threatening. It is important to indicate that tubal pregnancy is the leading cause of maternal death during the first quarter of the pregnancy. A ruptured tube is an emergency in any medical facility or institution.

So in order to know what a tubal pregnancy tube feels like, there are some things that you should take care of and check to avoid risk of suffering. Even though spotting or bleeding at the first trimester of pregnancy does not always indicate signs of an ectopic pregnancy, it is one early warning sign and should be reported to a doctor immediately. Bleeding may signal another complication such as a miscarriage.

If you experience any of the signs of ectopic pregnancy, it is important to request your doctor to carry out HCG tests in the first trimester of the pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is indicated by slow rising HCG. In a normal pregnancy, the HCG levels should double after every two days while the pregnancy is still young. Cramping is considered normal at early times of the pregnancy, but if the cramping is severe and is followed with any kind of spotting, this is not normal. Consult a doctor immediately. This is an early sign of tubal pregnancy.

What does ectopic pregnancy feel like can be answered via the normal conditions of the body. Dizziness is one other sign that indicates presence of an ectopic pregnancy. This may indicate internal bleeding though this condition may be caused by not eating the required diet and failing to get enough sleep. The internet offers the best signs and what is commonly felt when you have a tubal pregnancy. It is important to consult your midwife or the doctor every time you suspect you have a tubal pregnancy.

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