What is Jelly Like Discharge During Pregnancy

There are many kinds of discharges in pregnancy, and generally speaking it is normal for you to experience some vaginal discharge all through your pregnancy. You will experience vaginal discharge even if you are not pregnant, but it will increase in consistency and change in color when you are pregnant. it is common to have jelly like discharge in pregnancy and it is normal if it is odorless and milky. This is common even if you are not pregnant and you will notice it just before your monthly periods. It happens thanks to the increased hormones in your system. The estrogen levels will increase in pregnancy, as there will be increased blood flow into the vagina. There will be less jelly like discharge during pregnancy when you approach labor and this will be one of the signs that you are approaching labor. When the discharge is less jelly like and is thin and clear, it will be a clear sign that you are approaching labor. However, keep in mind that this should not happen before the 37th week pf pregnancy as it will be signaling that you are probably having preterm labor. When the discharge is odorless and whitish in color and causes you to have some discomfort when you are urinating, this is not normal, regardless of the consistency of the discharge.

If you have discomfort when having sex as well and some soreness and an itching and burning sensation, you should get treatment. It will most probably be because of yeast infection. You should get antibiotic treatment for yeast infection as soon as you notice this happening. When the color of the vaginal discharge has changed and it is white or gray, you may also want to get checked out by a doctor, specifically for a condition referred to as bacterial vaginosis. When it is yellow and green and is frothy and has a foul smell it should raise a very big red flag for you. You should never treat yourself for any kind of strange vaginal discharge as you could cause even more problems. The yellow and green discharge that is frothy and foul smelling could be because of a Sexually Transmitted Infection, which you must get treated for as soon as possible for the sake of the health of your pregnancy. Sexually transmitted infections in pregnancy can cause miscarriages, still births and will adversely affect the health of the baby if the mother doesn’t get treatment as soon as possible. Some of these sexually transmitted diseases could cause the baby to become blind or deaf or have other developmental disabilities or an impaired immunity. Take care of yourself since you cannot do anything to stop the flow of the vaginal discharge if you are not suffering from an infection. Keep yourself clean, wipe yourself from front to back after every bowel movement. Ensure that you have clean hands all the time, good hand washing skills could rid you of infections. Wear clean underwear and do not wear tight pants. Do not douche and do not use scented soaps.

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