What to Expect at 3 Weeks Pregnant

It is normal for curiosity to build when pregnant as you wonder what changes you will go through and generally how it will feel to be pregnant and eventually getting the chance to see and hold your baby after delivery. Women who take the time to look at what to expect at the different stages of pregnancy find that they are better prepared to deal with the issues and will usually not freak out as a result of the changes they are going through.

The pregnancy changes happen from early in the pregnancy for some women and there are general things which are expected week after week since they are considered most common for women even though it is also possible that you might not really get to experience them all. Each woman might have a different kind of experience when it comes to pregnancy but it is good to still know the general expectation for each week or even each trimester.

At 3 weeks pregnant, the baby is still far from completion and still has tremendous developments and growth strides to cover. This is however still a very significant stage since it the implantation has taken place and the cells initially the egg is now getting ready to divide to form the placenta and the baby. It is a stage that has plays an important role in the initiating stages of the pregnancy and will determine whether the pregnancy will go through or not.

This week, you might already be feeling fatigued as the body works hard to support the new life that is forming. You should also expect to feel more sleepy than usual as the body needs to rest enough to recover the lost energy as the demands of the developing embryo are met. The symptoms can be mild and if you have not had a test yet, you might be wondering what is wrong with you. Morning sickness might set in by in leaving you feeling a mess with all the vomiting and nausea. The two are the tell tale signs of pregnancy for most women and are expected.

However, these early pregnancy symptoms might not be present and might as well set in much later into the pregnancy. This is normal and should not worry you in any way. The belly is yet to show any kind of change but it is expected that you might be feeling a little pressure around the belly as a result of the implantation. The pressure will increase by the week and in time you will be fighting back aches, water retention and frequent urination as a result of the increased pressure on the pelvis area.

Another thing making it to the list of what to expect at 3 weeks pregnant is missing menstrual periods. It is normal and actually many women suspect they are pregnant once the periods go missing or seem delayed. It is expected that by this week they periods are no more for most women. However, there are cases where the women still have their periods during the week.


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