When do Pregnancy Cravings Start?

Pregnancy cravings will start as soon as the pregnancy hormones show up. Usually, it is the imbalance between the pregnancy hormones and the regular hormones in your body that will make you to start loving other foods and hating others. This should be just about when you can confirm pregnancy; about two weeks after ovulating. The period between ovulation is about halfway through your menstrual period. Assuming you become pregnant at this time, you should have pregnancy symptoms at this time too, so you will start craving some foods too. Everything really depends on the woman. There are some women who will have cravings and some who will not, so do not be alarmed when you do not start craving some foods when you are pregnant. Some common food cravings include baked clay, chocolate, sweets and cheese. You will find out that this will be accompanied by the craving for some smells. Interestingly you may crave some foods which you never loved before you became pregnant. It important to regulate the amount of foods you take in as you may have problems with your health when you take too much of the foods you crave, no matter how healthy they are.

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