Why Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy?

There are drastic changes that come about in the body of a expectant woman and they change from time to time. When fertilization takes place, the hormones start acting on the body and they bring the symptoms. There are times when you feel very tired and feel pain in the stomach. These are some of the symptoms that are caused by hormones in the abdomen. The abdomen can be very disturbing because of some frequent pains and other symptoms that cannot let you have piece at any time. For instance, you could be having some complications in the stomach and you feel pain and wonder why abdominal pain when pregnant? It can be either mild or severe pain and it causes you discomfort because you cannot be able to tolerate it for long. The stomach agonizes very much when it develops complications that can result to pain that you cannot bear and you feel like cutting it off.

You can be agonized by the abdomen due to various causes of the pain. It can be amoeba or it can be abdominal diseases such as typhoid or even some other serious cases like cancer. If you have these conditions, they can make you have a lot of pain when you are pregnant. However, there are certain causes of pain to pregnant women that come as a result of changes that hormones bring to the abdomens of pregnant woman. If the baby is kicking, it can cause you pain because of the impact of the force that the baby causes.

There are other serious cases that women could be having such as an ectopic pregnancy whereby the baby can be implanted wrongly and also in a fatal position. This happens whereby the fertilized egg does not get implanted in the womb. The risk comes because the egg remains in the oviduct and it starts growing there. If it is not removed from there, it continues to grow and the oviduct bursts because of the pressure that is exerted on it. Bursting causes intense pain to the woman because there is internal injury and bleeding that can cause death to the pregnant woman. Other causes can be due to miscarriage whereby the fetus is expelled before reaching three months. It is painful because the baby that that had started growing is passed out due to many reasons such as mechanical damage of the uterus or the uterus being so loose to carry the baby.

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