Why Am I Breaking Out During Pregnancy?

Skin breakout also commonly referred to as acne is a common occurrence in pregnant women. Even though many women actually have glowing skin during pregnancy, some are not as lucky and will be fighting acne throughout their pregnancy. So what causes the skin breakout during pregnancy?

Hormonal changes are the definite answer to this pressing question among pregnant women. The fact is that during this period the body will go through hormone fluctuations with some being very wild. The high levels of hormones such as androgen stimulates oil productions and the increased oil levels will definitely lead to blackheads and skin breakouts as the pores become clogged and unable to eliminate the oils. Those who are lucky to get a pregnancy glow will enjoy how they look. The acne can however clear with time as the hormones find better balancing.

Skin breakout in pregnant women will most likely develop in the first trimester since is where all the hormonal changes take a drastic turn. Most find that the acne does get better and clear as the pregnancy progresses but some will have to deal with the situation for longer or throughout the pregnancy. After the baby has been born, the acne issue passes for women who naturally do not suffer from the breakout. Other issues that arise during this period and which can be depressing for pregnant women include stretch marks and melasma.

Even though it is possible to treat acne during pregnancy, it is advisable that the treatment is prescribed by a doctor. This is because there are lots of medications which turn out to be harmful for the baby while still in the womb or when breastfeeding. It is important to have your doctors permission to go ahead with the use of any medication on the acne even of it is the common topical you are used to.

Those who do not worry much about the breakout are better off waiting for the issue to naturally go away. However, if the acne tends to be too unbearable, your doctor will find you a great remedy that is safe to use during pregnancy. The acne elimination plan settled for should be effective for the baby and for you and hence offer you the relief that you are looking for.

Proper diet and enough drinking of water during pregnancy are some of the things which can help in reducing the skin issues. However, the hormonal effects can be hard to avoid and you will need to therefore adhere to the advice that your doctor has given regarding the breakout. The best thing is that in most cases the acne will disappear as the hormones become more leveled during pregnancy. There should however be a solution to a situation that is giving you sleepless nights since it can have a toll on the general health of the baby and of course you.
A breakout during pregnancy is therefore nothing to worry too much about since it is quite common as a result of the changes taking place in the body.

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