Why Are Eclipses Bad For Pregnant Women?

Eclipses come in two forms; solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. Solar eclipse normally occurs when the moon is between the sun and the earth. The lunar eclipse occurs when the earth comes between the sun and the moon casting its shadow on the moon. Eclipse exists in three forms partial eclipse, total eclipse and annular eclipse. Eclipse is one of the natural occurrences that have attracted debate between various scientists and those trusting in superstitions. Both have given conflicting account concerning the phenomenon. Scientists have vehemently condemned traditionalists on eclipse myth about pregnancy. Traditionalists on the other hand have continued to believe on their myth.

Why are eclipses bad for pregnant women? According to ancient myth, eclipse was considered to bring bad effect to the pregnant woman. The myth maintains that a pregnant woman should not look at the eclipse directly as they risk miscarrying the baby. Though the myth could sound like an old wives tales but some have strongly supported the claim up to this very day.

Some traditionalists have claimed that during an eclipse a pregnant mother should stay in the house. At this time she is not supposed to touch any house chore. They should avoid any household activities like cutting using knives as this can be dangerous to the unborn. Most importantly the myth requires them to stay indoors eating and drinking. Failure to eat or drink during the period could result into either the death of the fetus, mother or both.

However, modern scientists have discredited the myth citing that they lack both tangible and visual evidence. They came up with their own account to prove that superstitions surrounding the eclipse were far from the truth. They overruled the belief that a pregnant mother should not go out during the eclipse. They argued that the rays from the eclipse have no effect on the fetus whatsoever. An eclipse is an occurrence of nature that has no negative effects on biological composition of a person.

In the modern society people tend to have forgotten such myths. With the introduction of formal education and medicine people have been able to gain more insight to see things in a different perspective.

People ought not to live by myths but to live by facts that can contribute to their general well-being. Pregnancy has nothing to do with eclipse at all, people should therefore not be afraid on such beliefs.

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