Why Are Pregnant Women So Gassy?

Every pregnant woman will confront with the intestinal gas that occurs during the pregnancy period. That could be very difficult for them, uncomfortable and also very embarrassing. They will feel very bad about their problem, especially if they are in a crowded area where someone else can hear them farting. Especially for a woman, this problem is degrading.

There are a lot of reasons why women are having this intestinal problem during the pregnancy:

Action of progesterone hormone The body is increasing the producing of progesterone during the pregnancy period which means that the progesterone is slowing down the digestion process. If the digestion is slowed down then the intestinal gasses will occur.

Dehydration Although it is not responsible for the formation of the gas, dehydration causes constipation, which aggravates gassiness.
Overeating Pregnant women who overeat overload their digestive system which is already absorbing pressure exerted by the growing baby. This also slows down digestion, leading to gassiness.

Tension Unknown to many, tension is a major cause of gassiness during pregnancy. If a woman is eating when she is stressed, she will inhale a lot of air, which is leading to gassiness.

Diet For the whole pregnancy period the diet is very important, for the woman, and for her baby too. If shes consuming juices which are sour, that means that they will have gas problems.
Fast weight gain A pregnant woman will gain a lot of fat during the pregnancy. Because of that, the digestive process is slowing down, exerting pressure on the intestinal tract, which is formatting the gassiness.

Although gassiness can be a serious problem for a pregnant woman, it does not present any risk to the unborn baby. The unborn baby actually does not detect that its environment is gassy. So, there are no healthily problems for the women, but there’s a problem when they need to inform their husbands about their little problem. They don’t want to be embarrassed in front of their husbands, and they are saying that their problem will be temporary.

Its always recommended not to use treatments against the gassiness, because a lot of women are tempted to do something like this without thinking about their baby. Any medical treatment could be harmful for the baby and that’s why a lot of doctors are not recommending anything except for fruits and vegetables. If you want to born a healthily baby don’t take any medication and accept any transformation of your body.

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