Why Are Pregnant Women So Tired

You take a look at a pregnant woman and the first impression you have is she is so tired, with the tiredness showing clearly on her face. Is tiredness normal during pregnancy? The answer to this is yes. Pregnancy brings with it many symptoms of which tiredness in just one. However, tiredness can also be because caused by other internal and external factors.

Interestingly, different women experience tiredness at different stages in the course of pregnancy. There are women who begin to feel tired the moment they become pregnant. There are also those who feel tired as their pregnancies grow. Still, there are those women who never experience tiredness at all.

One of the reasons as to why are pregnant women so tired is because of sudden body changes. Although pregnancy affects different women in different ways, one common denominator is that they all go through various body changes that include hormonal changes that can seriously affect a woman’s body as the body tries to adjust to a change in hormonal levels. This is bound to leave a woman feeling so tired.

One of the most common pregnancy symptoms that probably is the main cause of tiredness in pregnant women is nausea/vomiting. Nauseated women who proceed to vomit lose a lot of energy, in effect looking tired all the time.

The other main reason as to why are pregnant women so tired is lack of adequate sleep. Pregnant women experience various body changes that impact negatively on their bodies. Such changes as hormonal imbalance and increased body weight easily alter a woman’s sleeping pattern, which eventually makes a woman tired.

Iron plays very important roles in a pregnant woman’s body. It is of benefit to both the expecting mother and the unborn baby. Lack of adequate supply of iron leads to varied health problems including general body fatigue.

Although tiredness does not present any risk, tiredness coupled with such other pregnancy symptoms as nausea/vomiting can be dangerous. For this reason, pregnant women need to consult their doctors for proper advice on how to handle the same. At a personal level, pregnant women can undertake light exercises, obtain adequate sleep, having a lot of rest and drinking lots of water amongst other measures. Most importantly, a pregnant woman needs to ensure that she eats healthy foods. These measures can go along way in alleviating tiredness and other pregnancy problems.

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