Why Are Women Hungry when Pregnant

Women who have been pregnant before or those who are carrying their babies for the first time must be feeling hunger, especially if they have gotten to the second trimester of their pregnancies. This is normal, given the fact that you are now eating for two. Why are women hungry when pregnant? The demands for the growth of your baby at this stage of your pregnancy will be especially high. If you are an active woman who is always on her feet, you will feel this even more. The fact that you are hungry is because a hormone called leptin which suppresses hunger has been suppressed by the hormones that are all over your body.

There is also the fact that your stomach is smaller now and it can only take so much food at one sitting. This means that it will clear much faster and you will feel hungry even faster. You have to eat much more calories once you discover that you are pregnant, but this is not an excuse to eat even more calories than a pregnant woman is supposed to eat. For example, you are not supposed to eat more than 300 calories per day, no matter how much you feel that you are pregnant, or if you are now eating for two. Eat small meals several times per day and to reduce the number of times you have to eat everyday, make sure you do not drink any fluids while eating. This will make you feel fuller faster and you will not be eating the calories you need to eat per day. You will most likely also get heartburn, which is something you do not want to experience. You will get fuller faster as your pregnancy grows larger and this means you will feel hungry even more times as you progress.

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