Why Avoid Rosemary Oil During Pregnancy

Rosemary oil is externally used to treat various conditions among the most common being rheumatism. It is also used as tonic to ease scaly and dry scalp meaning therefore that it is an essential oil largely used in the modern world. In as much as this oil is considered to be beneficial, it is not as good during pregnancy. The question many people ask is why it is necessary to avoid rosemary oil during pregnancy.

The major reason as to why rosemary oil has proved to be bad for pregnancy is the fact that it stimulates the uterus especially in high doses. This stimulation could easily lead to miscarriages which are why it is of great importance for all pregnant women to keep off the oil. The other dangerous effect of the oil is that it could end up depleting fluid in fetal sac leading to a miscarriage and this is definitely a situation you would want to avoid.

It is believed that rosemary oil has camphor content that is high and the reason for the dangerous effects the oil can have during pregnancy. It is normally used externally since it can be toxic when ingested. The fact is that even applying the oil onto your skin can cause the internal effects since the skin is permeable allowing the chemicals to be absorbed actively into the bloodstream. This is why it needs to be avoided at all costs by pregnant women.

Even though the oil is dangerous during pregnancy, it is very safe to use during other period especially in dishes. It however still needs to be used in the best way possible to avoid any adverse effects it could have. Some of the signs of high amounts of the oil include vomiting, spasms, coma and also fluid collection in lungs. These negative effects makes it important for every individual to take care of the intakes and seek any medical advice where necessary to avoid the situations which could turn to be life threatening.

Pregnancy is something that is to be proud of and the mother always needs to take good care of her health for the sake of the baby’s as well. The changes which take place in the body during this period and the fact that a new life is being formed inside the mother only means that all things which could have a negative effect on the new formation should be avoided. There are a list of things which would normally be safe to take and drink but become a no go zone during pregnancy because of the results they can have on the baby and mother.

It is important for women anticipating pregnancy to find out all the things they need to avoid during pregnancy and learn more about what they need to do and eat during this period to ensure that they sail through the period safely and finally give birth to healthy babies and the end of the term.

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