Why Can’t I Eat Oysters When Pregnant

You probably know by now just how nutritious oysters can because of the many nutrients and minerals they contain. The fact that the oysters are low in mercury compared to other fish makes them even better as food sources. The truth however is that you can’t eat the oysters when pregnant as a result of the many risks they come with. They have a way of causing serious illnesses which can lead to pregnancy risks such as miscarriages and this is something you want to avoid at all costs.

The oysters have bacteria, parasites and viruses naturally occurring. The microbial contamination makes them quite serious during pregnancy especially when eaten raw. And since it can sometimes be hard to tell well cooked oysters from the not so well cooked, you will be better off avoiding the oysters throughout the pregnancy. The symptoms of food poisoning do not show immediately until a few days after the consumption and they will include diarrhea, confusion, chills, fever and weakness among others and they definitely cannot be good for the pregnancy.

If you are among pregnant women with weak immune systems, then it is best that you know that symptoms can lead to fatalities and this is something you do not want to risk. However, oysters can be very beneficial to pregnant women but the danger lies in the raw form and it is something that can be hard to establish and hence it is best that you avoid the oysters during pregnancy and look for better options to supply you with the same nutrients and minerals the oysters could have provided you with. The risks associated with oysters during pregnancy outshine the benefits and therefore they should be avoided at all costs to avoid risking it all for a pregnancy that could have otherwise been a success.

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