Why Can’t I Get Pregnant After an Ectopic Pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy is a condition where the woman’s fertilized egg is located outside the uterus. It may either be located at the ovary, cervix or abdomen. These these parts does not have adequate space and tissues to hold and sustain the embryo. According to medical experts ectopic pregnancy does not have treatment. They say that the process of operating the pregnancy can also be very dangerous.

Why can’t I get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy? During ectopic pregnancy a lot of things are bound to happen. In most of the ectopic cases, the people involved often happen to lose a lot of blood. Due to crucial role it plays, severe loss of blood can affect an individuals body functions. In women it may compromise the monthly periods and the level of hormones.

Sometimes one may try to conceive prematurely before the appropriate time. It is often advised that a person should wait for at least two cycles before trying again. By waiting for two cycles one will be giving a time allowance for the injuries and inflammations to heal properly. Research does show that women who conceive short time after ectopic runs the risk of suffering another ectopic pregnancy. Another study suggests that premature conception after ectopic can enhance chancres of miscarriage. Though miscarriage is not really close to ectopic pregnancy but there could be a possibility it can come in.

Why can’t I get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy? During ectopic, the level of folate in the body is reduced very greatly. The folate is said to play a big part in the pregnancy process. Without it the baby cannot be supported and sustained in the uterus. One is required therefore to give time for the restoration of folate so that she can have a successful pregnancy. Obstetricians will recommend for folic acid intake so that the process may speed up.

Many people are wondering about their chances of becoming pregnant again after an ectopic pregnancy. In normal circumstances where no side infections were involved, chances are 85%. However, before going for another pregnancy, it would be a wise suggestion if one will take appropriate measures to prevent re-occurrence of another ectopic pregnancy.

An individual needs to determine the root cause of the problem. The doctor can only treat something before it occurs. Sometimes the condition could be as a result of infection where the doctor will recommend for anti-biotic drugs.

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