Why Can’t Pregnant Women Eat Fish?

There are many types of foods that a pregnant woman is not allowed to eat. Some foods are considered unsafe while others are strongly recommended when one is pregnant. This is because some foods contain substances deemed unsafe while some contain ingredients that add health to the pregnant woman. Any food considered unsafe during pregnancy should be avoided completely as it can compromise the of the unborn child
Why can’t pregnant women eat fish? Fish is bad when a woman is pregnant because of the many harmful substances they come along with. Raw fish contains dangerous parasites and bacteria that cannot add anything vital to a pregnant woman. Instead these parasites and bacteria will do more harm than good to the health of the mother as well as the baby. They can be worse especially when the fish has not been cooked properly.

According to medical experts sea fish is thought to be the worst of all when it comes to pregnant women. They maintain that sea fish comes with tons of mercury which is unsafe for the unborn child. According to doctors mercury can negatively affect the nervous system of the growing fetus. This may cause delay of the child development process before and after the birth. Pregnant women are therefore urged to be cautious about certain types of fish. Fish that are thought to contain huge amount of mercury like Shark, Ray, Gem fish and Orange roughy should be highly avoided.

Why can’t pregnant women eat fish? Fish that is eaten during pregnancy can only be hazardous to the fetus due to high mercury concentration in it. However, the mercury can also affect the mothers milk on the breast after the child is born. This can still be dangerous to the new born baby.

Despite all of these health risks associated with fish, it still plays an integral part on healthy diet. Fish comes with tones of benefits such as high protein, low fat and omega-3 oils which helps in the body development. If a pregnant mother finds it impossible to stay without fish, she can go for fish that contain low level of mercury. Fish types like Prawns, Lobsters and Oysters are considered quite safe due to their low level of mercury.

It is important to stay safe during because one is expecting a new born living being in the world. Therefore, confusing questions concerning pregnant diets ought to be referred to a qualified medical specialist for further information.

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