Why Can’t Pregnant Women Eat Seafood?

During pregnancy the expectant mother would like to wish well for her unborn baby. She will do everything necessary to make sure that she delivers a healthy bouncing baby. This is the time when she will be tempted to do many things hoping that it will be for the benefit of her upcoming baby. Most of the things done during pregnancy are eating and drinking. A pregnant woman will eat anything that seems sweet in her mouth without realizing the repercussions the food can bring. It is of paramount importance therefore, for any pregnant woman to think twice before putting any food substance in her mouth if she really cares for her child. There are certain foods which are bad during the period of pregnancy and they should be avoided at all cost.

Why can’t pregnant women eat seafood? Most of foods coming from the sea are normally fish. These fish are deemed to be unsafe for pregnant mothers due to health risks associated with them. Sea fish comes with high level of mercury chemical in them which is not safe even for the non-pregnant persons. Mercury in fish has the ability to severely affect the fetus permanently. According to experts from the medical fraternity, mercury in fish can affect the development of the fetus. The chemical substance normally attacks the brain of the child which can prolong even after his/her the birth. The condition has also been blamed to cause stunted growth on children below the age of six years.

Pregnant mothers are usually prohibited from eating such foods that can harm their babies. They are required to stay away from these foods during the entire breast feeding season. This is because when the mother is feeding on sea fish, the mercury mixes up with the milk from the breast which is then consumed by the infant. Doctors recommend that one should avoid seafood until she is done with the breastfeeding. Similarly the infant should not be fed with tons of fish before the age of at leased seven years. However they can still be allowed to consume fish with low level of mercury such as Salmon and Canned tuna.

On the soft side, there are many benefits that come with fish. They come with high level of protein and high unsaturated fat that contributes to a healthy living. Omega-3 is also very vital component in brain development of a child. A pregnant person can be allowed to take some of these fish but under strict doctors supervision.

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