Why Do Men Freak Out About Pregnancy?

Men and women react differently about pregnancy. Whereas the women will be more excited about the coming baby and worry about things such as complications during the pregnancy and birth, men will be more worried about other issues. It is common for men to have very different fears when it comes to a pregnancy. The question every woman wants answered is why men freak out about a pregnancy.

Financial issues

The coming of the baby definitely means a change in financial management and lifestyle and men tend to be more worried about this when they hear about a pregnancy before they can jump for joy of becoming dads. This is a period which could mean the women won’t manage to keep working and hence the full responsibilities lie squarely on the man. Honesty in the financial worries or discussing on way to deal with the increased financial responsibilities can leave the man feeling relieved hence is encouraged.

Love sharing

Pregnant women become so attached with their babies from the early stages of pregnancy and their whole lives seem to be revolving around the babies. This is a period when the woman draws attention and happy looks from everybody meeting her thus leaving the man feeling neglected. It is important to get your man involved in the process that is pregnancy so that you both reap the rewards. Even as you enjoy the thought of carrying a baby and finally delivering, the needs of the man should never be overlooked.

Reduced intimacy

This is another huge problem with men and pregnancy. The changes that the body goes through can be overwhelming for the woman and this means that she might not be as interested in sexual intimacy as normal. Men will worry about all the changes including chronic wind, aching boobs and reduced libido in some women. They end up feeling that their needs are not met and won’t be met till after several months. Sex however goes beyond intercourse and there are numerous ways that a pregnant woman can manage to stay close intimately with her man.

Apart from the freaking out as a result of the things the man could end up missing out during pregnancy, there are men who freak out solely for worrying about complications their women could go through. Those who understand all the issues women go through when pregnant will be more worried about the safety of the pregnancy as far as the mother and baby is concerned. Some also wonder how their women will behave during the pregnancy having heard all sorts of stories about pregnant women.

The most advisable thing to do to help the freaking man is having a deep talk about everything relating to the pregnancy. This way, each person gets a chance to unleash the worries lying underneath and both parties can come with workable solutions to the issues. It is the perfect way for both parties to enjoy the rewards of the coming baby even before birth.

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