Why Do Women Trap Men With Pregnancy?

It is a fact that there are women out there who take advantage of men they are interested in to make them stay with them forever through getting pregnant. This is because it is given that some men will never neglect their own flesh and blood and therefore as soon as a baby is in the picture, they will do anything including marrying the woman. They also do this to avoid the nagging issues about child support and feel that life is much easier when they are living as a family.

The question that remains is why women trap men with pregnancy. There are various reasons as to why women can go to this extent even though they know deep down that it is not advisable to use pregnancy as a way of getting the men to marry them. You will find a good number of men who feel that a pregnancy was used to trap them and it is too late for them to do anything about the situation.

Fear of loss; the first thing that would lead a women to using a pregnancy to trap a man that she loves or wants is as a result of fearing that she might loss the man to another woman. The feeling of insecurity has led many into finding ways of keeping the man and pregnancy is normally the very first thing they think of and in most cases it does work. To them it is a way of finally having what they want all to themselves.

Need to settle down; many women after years of dating and loving the same man will reach a point where they feel that they are ready to settle down. In such a case and a man still is not showing any signs of proposing marriage or even settling down, the woman finds it hard to propose marriage and therefore feels that getting pregnant would be the best way of completing the deal and the man finally marries her. It is a fact that women mature fast and want to settle down earlier than men hence this can be understood.

Love of money; unfortunately, this is a major reason why women will use pregnancy to trap a man. When dating a man who is rich and has it all to give the woman the kind of life she feels she deserves, she can go to great extent to ensure that the money does not slip under her fingers. The money is a way of securing her future ensuring that she never lacks in anything and hence such a man is considered a great catch worth doing anything for to keep. She will do anything to get pregnant and eventually seduce the man into marrying her making it a done deal.

Even though using a pregnancy is considered very selfish on the part of the woman, at times they do this with justifiable reason. Marriage should however be mutual institution that you get into and trapping might actually backfire on you.

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