Why Do You Get Heartburn While Pregnant

Why do you get heartburn while pregnant? You need not worry so much why you are getting heartburn when you are pregnant, because in pregnancy it is perfectly natural to have heartburn; only that you may be doing some things to make it even worse than it actually is. What this means is that you could be eating a lot in one sitting, which means your now smaller stomach cannot handle as much food at once as it used to. This means you will get more acidity, especially when you retire to bed at the end of the day. Keep in mind that as your uterus becomes large, your stomach becomes smaller. This doesn’t mean that your stomach literally reduces in size, but rather that its capacity of function is reduced because the uterus occupies a lot more space in the uterus. It is bound to get worse as you proceed into pregnancy, so you can expect that some of the things you were used to eating will make you extra uncomfortable.

This includes foods that are high in acidity. No pregnant woman should have to deal with problems like peptic ulcers or other problems in pregnancy, so you should get rid of acidic foods in your diet. In some cases, you may have to use medication to reduce the acidity, but make sure these medications have been prescribed by your doctor. Make sure that as you eat, you reduce the servings as you progress into your pregnancy. Your smaller stomach can handle only a small amount of food at time, and when you eat a lot you will have heartburn. Eat six to seven meals per day, making sure you are not overeating or eating foods that are high in acidity. This way, you will reduce your instances of heartburn.

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