Why Do You Lose Appetite When Pregnant

Many women across the globe lose appetite when they get pregnant. This is not surprising considering that loss of appetite is usually one of the first signs of pregnancy. Although a common pregnancy symptom, loss of appetite can seriously affect proper growth and development of your unborn baby. This is one reason why you need to control it, something that you can do by taking prescription medications.

Why do you lose appetite when pregnant? Knowing reasons for the loss can help you in finding the most appropriate way to deal with the problem. Note that you seriously need to control your loss of appetite because your growing baby depends wholly on the foods that you eat for the necessary nutrients.

Although you may lose appetite during the first, second and third trimesters, causes of the same at the three different stages differ. One of the main reasons why you lose appetite during the first trimester is the change that your body goes through from the moment you get pregnant. Most changes at this stage are brought about by changes in hormonal levels. While production of some hormones ceases or decreases, production of others increases, causing hormonal imbalance, which leads to loss of appetite.

A feeling of nausea is another possible reason why you have lost appetite when pregnant. One of pregnancy’s symptoms is increased smell, which makes it possible for you to smell different scents, some of which can easily bring about feeling of nausea. With nausea comes vomiting, which can seriously complicate your situation. Not only do you lose appetite; you also lose a lot of energy as you vomit.

One of the hormones whose production increases when you get pregnant that can also be the cause to your loss of appetite is progesterone. Increased progesterone level slows down your digestion, meaning that it takes a long time for any food you eat to be digested. You are bound to feel full and are likely to skip your meals.

Another possible reason why you have lost appetite during the first trimester is excess iron intake. Although the iron pills your doctor prescribes for you are very necessary, excess amounts in your system easily causes loss of appetite.

Why do you lose appetite when pregnant in the second trimester? While the above reasons are responsible for loss of appetite during the first trimester, your uterus is solely responsible for the same during the second trimester. As your baby grows, your uterus also enlarges, pushing back your digestive tract. This slows down digestion, making you feel full most of the time.

Loss of appetite during the third trimester differs with that which you experience in the first and second trimesters. That which occurs in the third trimester is usually mild and manageable. It is in most cases caused by increased stress levels as you begin to worry about the baby’s arrival. Note that high stress levels can also be as a result of living in a stressful home or area.

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