Why Does Vomiting Occur In Pregnancy?

Vomiting is common in pregnancy and it is more intense for some women during the first and part of the second trimester. It comes tied with nausea which makes it harder and hence morning sickness. The severity of the symptoms can differ and vary from woman to woman and while some will only experience mild cases, some will find it so hard to put up with the vomiting and nausea that they will require medical intervention.

What most women want to understand is why vomiting occurs in pregnancy? The fact is that it is not really clear what causes the vomiting in pregnancy but proposals and research tend to dwell more on the hormone levels which are increased during pregnancy and stomach contents slow movement which lead to vomiting afterwards. Psychological factors have also been associated with the vomiting in pregnancy.

Women who are more prone to vomiting during pregnancy include those who have had the symptoms in their previous pregnancies, those who experienced vomiting while on estrogen such as in birth control, those who have motion sickness and also women with gastrointestinal problems historically. It is not always that healthcare will be needed for the vomiting in pregnancy but it is important to do so if the vomiting does not seem to stop and goes beyond the morning hours. It could be dangerous in severe cases easily leading to loss of weight and dehydration.
This makes it important for pregnant women who experience the vomiting repeatedly during the day, see some blood in vomit, and have signs of dehydration such as dark colored urine and dizziness and also those who lose weight to seek medical help. Pelvic pain and abdominal pain or cramping during the vomiting bouts should also be reported immediately for further assessment by the medical caregivers.

Pregnancy related vomiting treatment is available and it helps in relieving the discomfort thus allowing you to drink and eat enough to keep your health up. The treatment is however not a sure way of dealing with the problem at hand and sometimes you will have to go an extra mile in helping the situation and reduce the vomiting chances. A few things can help in making the vomiting much more bearable during pregnancy.

You can begin by making dietary changes. This could mean eating as soon as the hunger pangs begin to avoid having an empty stomach since it easily triggers the vomiting. Regular snacking can help you stay put till the next meal. The meals that you take throughout the day should be high in carbohydrates or protein but low in fat. Drinking lots of clear cold sour or carbonated fluids can also especially when taken in small amounts with meals. You can also find some refuge in smelling mint, orange or lemon.

The other helpful thing that you can do to easily deal with the vomiting during pregnancy is avoid the triggers. They include stuffy rooms, humidity and heat, strong odors such as smoke, chemical and perfume and also avoid excessive exercise. Pregnant women should also avoid consuming snacks and foods which contain large sugar amounts.

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