Why Eggplant Is Not Good For Pregnant Women

Questions abound as to whether eggplants are good during pregnancy or not. This has been an intense subject of debate considering the very subject of eggplant is shrouded in beliefs and notions. Traditionally, people did not rely on science to ascertain whether a certain food was good for pregnancy or not. It was all about the sum total of experiences that people have had concerning certain foods and how they impacted on the pregnancy. You probably have had an experience where a person frowns on seeing a pregnant woman taking eggplant. The common belief is that an eggplant might actually induce early labor or cause a miscarriage. While this belief does not attract any scientific factual backing, it seems to be a widely accepted phenomenon.

Its imperative to note that scientific studies carried out do not list eggplant as one of the harmful foods. It in fact has zero fats and these seem to make it a lean food for pregnant women. The only downside to the use of eggplant during pregnancy is the fact that its low on energy and nutrients. As such, this makes it an unattractive food for pregnant women in so far as energy needs are concerned. Going by the notion or belief that eggplants can actually cause miscarriages or induce early labor, its important that pregnant women desist from taking it. However, since no research supports the same, consulting a doctor on whether to take eggplant or not is the noblest thing to do.

All women desire to carry their pregnancy to term. As such, it becomes very instrumental for women to watch what they eat as well as be conversant with what might actually harm the well being of the unborn child. Taking measures to watch what you eat is of paramount importance. Even if you don’t know whether a particular food is good or not, its important that you consult a doctor rather than brushing it off as hearsay. Doctors are bound to provide you with proper advice on whether you should discontinue a certain food or whether you should keep on taking it.

Remember that the well being of your pregnancy is of paramount importance. You therefore need to desist from taking foods which could potentially harm your baby. The only way to do so is by listening to what others are saying as well as getting factual information on the same. What this basically means is that you stand a chance of securing the safety of your unborn child if you keep to safety ideals.

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