Why Is Aloe Vera Bad During Pregnancy?

Why is aloe vera bad during pregnancy? A lot of women who have been advised by their doctors to stay away from aloe vera usually wonder why they are told to stay away from it. Doctors say that it is safe to use aloe vera externally during pregnancy but women should be very careful not to ingest it since it can lead to very many pregnancy complications. One of the reasons why women are told not to use aloe vera when they are pregnant is because either them or their babies may be allergic to it and it can lead to them developing problems when they give birth or even before.

Another reason why women are not advised to take aloe vera when they are pregnant is because this herb has been said to reduce blood sugar levels. A woman needs to have her blood sugar levels right when she is pregnant. This is so that they can reduce the chances of them having blood sugar complications in pregnancy. Aloe vera should not be taken by pregnant women who have a history of kidney diseases and heart diseases because it is said to lower the blood potassium levels. The levels of potassium in blood need to be just right in order for the pregnancy to be okay.

Research that has been done on aloe vera indicates that this herb has high chances of causing hepatitis b. this is a serious condition that every pregnant woman should not risk having because it can be fatal. Aloe vera is said to cause dehydration when induced. There is risk when a pregnant woman gets dehydrated because both the mother and the baby need all the water that they can get. This herb is also said to contain estrogen. When a pregnant woman ingests estrogen, she will cause the estrogen that needs to be produced naturally in her body to stop being reduced which might lead to pregnancy complications.

Aloe vera has also been associated with uterine contractions. Women should avoid taking aloe vera because they can start to experience uterine contractions before they are due which can be very dangerous. Because aloe vera does not have any benefits to pregnant women, it is better that pregnant women completely stay away from this herb until after they have given birth. Because it is no clear on whether aloe vera can get in to breast milk when ingested by breastfeeding mothers, it is better that they stay away from this herb until after they have given birth.

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