Why Is Eucalyptus Bad For Pregnant Women

When it comes to pregnancy, there are are many taboos that strive to tell women what to do and what not to. The most common one is that, pregnant women should avoid carcinogens such as the ones contained in smoke, beer, and other stimulants. Also, it is important to keep ones body fit by doing exercises such as jogging, walking and sit ups. More profoundly, there are sayings that eucalyptus can be bad for pregnant women. Eucalyptus is normally used in aromatherapy which is a treatment of muscles and nerves so as to release excess pressure and tension. It is however important to understand intricate matters so that you can know what happens.

Aromatherapy is a treatment that sometimes requires the use of essential oils. However, some of these essential oils contain chemicals that are detrimental to ones health. Eucalyptus on its part is not healthy for pregnant women because it causes hormonal imbalance. When eucalyptus enters under the skin, it is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream. As a result, the eucalyptus triggers release of estrogen hormones in to the blood stream. Estrogen is a female hormone that controls processes in human blood. Unfortunately, if it is released in high amounts, estrogen speeds up certain processes and as a result, the body looses hormonal balance.

Also, eucalyptus can alter DNA in cells thereby leading to malformed organs. This is very dangerous as these malformed cells can at a later date develop into cancerous cells. If you want to protect your child from some of these diseases, you can do it by checking their health at that tender age. This is the only way to ensure that they will have a healthy future. Eucalyptus is also known to hinder brain development of the child. Brain is one of the most important organ in human body and when does not developed well during Child’s development, it might leave them retarded for the rest of their lives.

I you want to relieve your body of pains such as the ones caused by labor, it is important to have massage services and treatments. However, you should ensure that products containing eucalyptus and essential oils are not used as they may cause a lot of negative effects on the body. Therefore, the best way to reduce discomforts in pregnancy is by doing exercises and eating right. You should in particular take a lot of vitamins as they will bring balance to your body. This will enable it to have a stable hormonal organization.

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