Why Is Ibuprofen Bad During Pregnancy

It is pertinent to know that one must never take any drug during pregnancy without the approval of your practitioner.
Many drugs acan have a harmful effect on your pregnancy, on you or on the fetus developing within you. Some can lead to serious consequences and unnecessary complications. Ibuprofen is one such drug. Although one single dose of ibuprofen is not likely to cause much harm, but this drug is still not recommended during pregnancy. Ibuprofen is also sold under different brandnames. Two of these brand names are Motrin and Advil. Ibuprofen is strictly contraindicated during the third trimester. The US Food and Drug Administration also called as the FDA has categorized ibuprofen as pregnancy risk category. Of the various classifications that The US Food and Drug Administration or the FDA uses to classify drugs Ibuprofen has been put in category D especially during the third trimester. This categorization means that intake of the drug during the third trimester could harm the baby. The drug however does not share the categorization for the rest of the duration of the pregnancy. This is why ibuprofen is bad during pregnancy. The effects that this drug can have if taken during the third trimester are it could lead to a premature closure of a passage in the heart of the unborn baby. This closure could lead to a possible lung damage or heart damage and in some cases even death. Some cases have also established a link of taking this drug during the final trimester in pregnancy, to low levels of amniotic fluid. This medication is also known to have delayed labor or to have caused a prolonged labor. This is also why ibuprofen is bad during pregnancy.

The fact remains that Ibuprofen and its effects during pregnancy have not been studied in detail. Most of the studies conducted have in turn focused on the effect of the drug while taken in combination with other drugs like naproxen or aspirin.

Though not yet confirmed but some studies have even shown that if the drug is taken during the first trimester, it could lead to birth defects in the child. Some studies have also suggested that women trying to conceive should also not take the drug. It is believed that ibuprofen reduces the production of prostaglandins in the body. These prostaglandins are required for ovulation and for the embryos implantation in the uterus. Some studies have also listed that taking ibuprofen while trying to have a baby increases the mothers chances of going through a miscarriage.

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