Why is It Bad to Eat Ice While Pregnant

Pregnant women have been known to crave ice when they are pregnant. This is rather out of the blues; so why is it bad to eat ice while pregnant? First of all, it is indicative of a condition called pica, whereby a woman craves items that are not natural foods. In some extremes, some women may crave to eat items such as chalk and dirt. Cravings are normal, but it is not normal to crave non food items like ice. When you take up too much ice into your body, you will most probably not be able to eat as much as you are expected too and you will be malnourished.

All kinds of cravings must be balanced, so that you are not overindulging in one food item at the expense of the other. Having said that, there is no known reason why women will crave these kinds of items when they are pregnant, but there is a pointer towards lack of iron. It is said that women who do not have enough iron in their bodies will most probably have this condition. They will also most probably have anemia as well, meaning their pregnancies will be high risk. Your levels of blood must increase when you are pregnant by about 40% when you do not have this increase in blood levels when you are pregnant, you will most probably lose the pregnancy. You may have lost blood in one way or the other or you may not have eaten enough foods that are rich in iron hence the reason you have anemia in the first place. To ensure that you have increased your intake of iron in your body, eat foods that are rich in iron. Get a nutritionist to tell you the right amount you need to take everyday and make sure you have taken supplements as well.

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